Anthony DeCesaris - President (Veteran US Army)

Mr. DeCesaris entered the family business of home building and land development after his service in the United states Army. By 1993, Mr. DeCesaris focused on site work, demolition, and general contracting services to some of the most prestigious developers in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.

Anthony's timely completion of projects with fiscal responsibility and sensitivity for the client's budget, earned him numerous opportunities, contract awards, and repeat business from large scale homebuilders, commercial and mixed-use developers. DPI has consistently delivered on his company's motto of, "Do It Right the First Time"

The economic downturn in the construction industry provided a need for completion contractors to finish the construction on projects where the principal had failed to fulfill their obligation. Anthony was instrumental in the negotiation of this process with the surety companies and continues to cultivate their partnering for future projects.

Today, Mr. DeCesaris is expanding DPI's core business model to include securing opportunities in all branches and divisions of the federal government while looking to utilize the latest techniques in green design and development along with sustainable growth practices. Recently, with the federally mandated initiative to clean the waterways of the U.S., DPI has been a major contributor to remediate and install best management practices of stormwater management facilities. Reconstruction of ponds, sand filters, bio ponds, infiltration trenches, forebays and inflows and outfalls of these facilities have been a large part of Dirt Plus's focus.

Marvin Savoy - Foreman

Marvin has 25 years of total site development experience. He has provided leadership in the field by being hands-on and willing to operate any piece of equipment to complete a project. Marvin has been the foreman on large scale projects to include the Prince George's County 911 Emergency Command Center, Prince George's County Indoor Firing Range, Ft. Washington Acres and multiple Prince George's County Clean Water Partnership Program projects.

As an expert field supervisor, Marvin manages the daily construction activities onsite with awareness and attention to safety. He typically operates a sitework crew with attention to grading, excavating and overall site development to include stormwater management. With 25 years of heavy equipment experience, Marvin has proven invaluable with his knowledge of equipment and its mechanics and application to Dirt Plus's projects.

Marvin is responsible for the setup and operation of our GPS equipped machines and projects. He evaluates the scope of work and is tasked with implementing a plan of action to complete the project on time. Marvin Savoy is a valued asset in the field to maintain a cohesive effort in teamwork to achieve the goal of project completion with attention to safety.

Marco DeCesaris - Operations Manager/Project Manager

Marco, is a graduate of Frostburg State University, and has been employed by Dirt Plus, Inc. since his graduation in 2010. He is responsible for project management and overall operations ofconstruction. Marco coordinates equipmentdemands and moves, personnel allocation, materials, and scheduling of projects for the company.

Marco's energy and intelligence provides Dirt Plus with the ability to handle many projects that are running concurrently and does so, efficiently. Currently, he is the point man for the Prince George's County Clean Water Partnership Program with Corvias Solutions. The program is designed to improve the quality of storm water runoff and management, which will be a multi-year municipal effort within Prince George's County. This program is a 30 - year Community Based-Public-Private-Partnership (CBP3) in concert with Prince George's County's MS4 program to retrofit 15,000 acres of uncontrolled impervious runoff by 2025.

Marco has been instrumental in the operation and completion of these Clean Water projects with great success. His time is in the office is spent on takeoffs, subcontract agreements, scheduling and submittal of bids for these Clean Water projects to keep Dirt Plus as a major contributor to this federally mandated initiative to clean and manage the stormwater of Prince George's County and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.

Mike Burke - Foreman

Mike Burke is a recent addition to Dirt Plus and joins the team as a former construction business owner with 30 years of field experience. His commitment to completing projects with attention to detail stems from his work experience with past large-scale construction companies and his own firm. Mike has the ability to evaluate site work, interpret plans, communicate with inspectors, engineers and public officials. As a former business owner, Mike is conscious and detailed driven with daily construction reports, construction costs and overall safety. He is skilled on all heavy equipment and engineering layout to ensure a site that has accurate grades and contours. Mike Burke is a team member that has brought Dirt Plus additional field presence. This additional crew with Mike's leadership has the ability to manage the majority of the project in the field.

Nick Dalrymple - Foreman

Nick Dalrymple joined Dirt Plus, Inc. in 2017 with the challenge of taking on a new crew and running projects that are stormwater related. His persistence to overcome the obstacles to complete our projects on time is essential. Nick has the ability and aptitude with new technology to assist with estimating and takeoffs for proposals. His experience in engineering provides a project with accurate elevations and grades of stormwater weirs and outfalls in addition to sitework grading. Nick is responsible for daily reporting and onsite coordination of inspectors, owners and subcontractors.

Natalie Walter - Executive Director

Natalie has been employed by Dirt Plus, Inc. for 22 years and has proven essential in the day to day operations of the firm. As Director, Ms. Walter is tasked with overall management to include: accounts payable/receivable, human resources, contracts, certified payroll, and a multitude of computer applications essential to the operation.

Natalie is a major factor of the firm where her coordination and direction of multiple records, files and contracts are managed effectively. She is a registered notary with knowledge and proficiency of software applications that give DPI the capability of staying organized and current. Ms. Walter's commitment to DPI has proven invaluable with maintaining business and corporate relations in the construction industry.

Andrew Dantos - Business Development Manager/Project Manager

Andrew has more than 27 years of combined private and public sector service. Starting off in the geotechnical engineering field, Mr. Dantos worked as a liaison between contractors, developers, and a multitude of governing municipalities. He then worked under contract with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Office of Infrastructure, transferring concrete pavement technology to individual state D.O.T.'s (Department of Transportation).

Previously to coming to DPI, Mr. Dantos was employed for a decade as Chief Inspector for the Office of Engineering at Prince George's County's Department of Public Works and Transportation. Andrew joined the DPI team during the downturn of the economy, he led the bond release program which provided surety companies to obtain exoneration of their obligation to multiple municipalities across Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Dirt Plus completed these projects that were left unfinished by bankrupt developers which ultimately provided homeowners with completed subdivisions.

Currently, Mr. Dantos is the Business Development Manager tasked with obtaining new work both public and private with a strong emphasis in the public sector. As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Dirt Plus is poised to explore more government opportunities. In addition to business development, Andrew manages projects when needed, as his experience in the field proves essential in the completion of our projects.